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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Countdown Initiated...


 to the very first blog of what will hopefully be a beneficial growing process for all involved!  I am sure this blog will hold many of my first blogging-mistakes, so please apply grace.

To introduce your guide through this crazy journey...I am the proud parent of an emerging tween.  Lil Bit is entering the fourth grade in just a few day's time and actually will be turning 10 in about three weeks.

A year ago we ventured into the world of homeschooling and have loved it.  No...we're not some weird cult family and yes...Lil Bit is very well socialized.

Our household consists of two, plus our furry family.  (A subtle way of saying I'm a single-parent with pets.)  Although, I'm often told that I'm not a "normal" single-parent.  Whatever that means.

I hope that as you take the time to read and invest into our story that not only do you find comfort in knowing that others share in your same struggles and victories, but I hope to glean from you and grow in ways that only you could make way for!

So, here we go...