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Monday, October 22, 2012

Transition Day 1

Ok, so we are undoing all that we have done for the past year.

We're giving our homeschool schedule, method, and just about everything a new look.

Since I don't have everything in place, but don't want to wait any longer to move ahead, we had a very lackadaisical day.

I did take us to the library to try and keep us on point and give me the opportunity to gather materials.

We did our math lesson and then busted out our first cursive lesson!

I had some dry erase books that I purchased years ago that were perfect for her to practice.  Plus I didn't have to print anything out!!!  Bonus!

Lately Lil Bit has been missing her half-brothers [that live with her dad], so we decided to incorporate them into our daily work.  For Language Arts, she is writing them a letter.  We are going to work on our form, grammar, and content.

For art she is drawing them each a picture, but is using a resource to help her.  The oldest of her three brothers is obsessed with dinosaurs, so we used "How to Draw Dinosaurs" by Rob Court.

Sorry for the blur.

Here is her draft and the finished project.  She's really excited.  She hasn't figured out quite yet what to do for the other two.  We're going to try some other illustration books and watch her surprise herself with what she is able to do!

Another idea I have is to let her make a poster for each brother that says, "Sissy loves [and their name]."  Then take a picture of her holding the poster and send them a developed copy of the picture to keep.  Just to let them know that she is thinking of them.

So, what did you do today?

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