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Friday, August 30, 2013

First Ever American Girl Book Club Meeting - Collage Friday

We're linking up with Homegrown Learners and Collage Friday!

This week we enjoyed our first ever American Girl Book Club meeting through Currclick!  It's really quite neat!  It takes place online, the teacher is the only one on camera and mic, and the participants respond through a chat box.  It was a different experience for Miss Rosalinda.

The way it works is that Rosalinda has a month to read the selected book (although the teacher does a great job of creating questions that anyone can answer for people that don't remember or didn't get a chance to read the book).

She is provided with a handout of the questions ahead of time.  We've decided we're going to try and write them out ahead of time since she's not a proficient typist.  The handout also included a recipe for a snack (we didn't make it this time because it was a meal, but in the future I'll prepare it for the meeting) and a craft.

They club discusses the book as a group and the teacher shows additional pictures and materials that compliment themes in the book.

This month was "Changes for Kit."  Kit is a young lady during the Great Depression.  The teacher showed pictures of actual nomadic families and hobo camps.  Nothing graphic, but it helped Rosalinda to see the realness of the time and the things that Kit experienced in the book.  It was a great extension of an already great message.

Then the teacher's daughter takes over the webcam and shows the girls how to start the craft.  This month was felt mittens and hat.  In the book Kit receives new winter mittens and hat made from her father's coat.  One of the lessons Kit has learned through all the books is the importance of not being wasteful and is actually relieved to find that her mittens and hat aren't new when she knows there are other needs of the family.

I had hoped to have finished pictures of Rosalinda's mittens and hat, but she has yet to start them. (We've had a busy week.)

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  1. We doing some clubs on CurrClick too. The kids are enjoying the Lego Club and the Magic Tree HOuse. Both are FREE!

    1. Yea! We're doing Lego Club too! We just got in our September kit and Rosalinda can't wait.

    2. I am also a new subscriber to Creating Treasures! I love you resources on your sidebar for FREE homeschooling!

  2. We loved all of the Kit books and this class looks wonderful - what fun!

    Thanks for linking with Collage Friday!