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Friday, June 3, 2016

Oh Where, Oh Where Has This Little Blogger Gone?

Wow!  Approaching three years of silence!  What happened?

Well, a lot!

But more precisely, ,what happened to me as a blogger?  I ran for the hills!  I started having people reading my blog and freaked out!

So what has brought me back here after so long?  Have I overcome my fear of being read?

I'm not so sure.

However, Rosalinda brought me to a place of conviction today as I had a teacher of her,s admit that they found this blog and look at it to see what it takes to produce what he enjoyed teaching this year.  Mortified by something I tried to abandon come back to me, Rosalinda pointed out the possible affect that it could have for people.  Especially those not close to us and experiencing us on a more intimate level.  So this is me trying to placate the conviction.

So what have you missed?  We made a huge move from Texas to California with our ministry!  Rosalinda went back into public school after four wonderful years of homeschooling!  I went back to work, which was an interesting feat in itself.  And now I find myself, a working mom, in a new land, with a bonafide teenager!

So, now that you know that I'm alive and have peaked my head out from my hiding place...what do you want to know?

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