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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Can a Single-Parent Homeschool? Part 2 (Finances)

Before I started homeschooling, there were soooo many obstacles that made it seem impossible.  

  • How will I pay our bills?
  • Will I do a good enough job to prepare her for life?
  • Am I even qualified?
  • Can we handle being around each other that much?
  • What are the rules/laws?
I want to address the number one concern: Finances.

I live in a 2 bedroom house with just my child and I.  I do not have a significant other that takes any financial responsibility for me or my child.  I do receive lawful support from my child's biological father that is ordered through the Office of the Attorney General.  This is our only "consistent" income.  I am not on any government programs for food, housing, etc, although I do not see why you couldn't use these programs if need be.

As a believer in Christ, our homeschool venture has been mightily blessed by God.  I have money coming in all the time, unsolicited.  I tutor for no charge, but am often gifted money or items that make life a little easier.  I have had people that I don't know very well walk up and put $40-$100 in my hand for no reason and with no expectation of a return favor.  I also will pick up odd jobs that I can take my child with me.  We once spent a few days placing flyers on doors for a landscaping/Christmas light company.  She was able to go with me and we talked and walked the whole day.  Not only did we get to enjoy one another, but she also was being taught work ethic.  I made sure to give her some of our earnings for her to spend how she saw fit as payment for her hard work.  If your child is old enough to be left alone, or you have someone that can watch them, you could always find work through a temp agency a few days a week as well.

I do also have family support.  I grew up in a very dysfunctional home with all kinds of craziness.  But God has done so much with us!  My parents are divorced and my mom remarried when I was ten.  Both sets of parents have supported my decision to homeschool.  At first, their support was more in silence and not offering criticism.  But it has grown into so much more.  My mom may even be getting involved and giving my child cooking classes.  I could do it, but according to my daughter it is soooo much more fun with Mimi. :)  

They have began even financially contributing to homeschooling.  For Christmas, I just asked for supplies.  We were getting low and it would save me from having to budget for them out of our grocery money. I was overwhelmed by all that they gave.  We were blessed with a wireless printer, laminator, art supplies, construction paper, pens, pencils, dry erase markers, and so much more!  As I'm getting ready for my daughter's fifth grade I am hoping to make enough from our garage sale this weekend to pay for our trip and put some towards her curriculum.  My mom is going with me on our trip and is helping contribute to the garage sale.  She has already said that all left overs, including her money is for curriculum!  How amazing is that?!?! They also have hijacked my grocery list more than once and surprised me with a kitchen full of groceries.

For the record Miss Rosalinda has the best Mimi and Pawpaw and Grandpa ever!  

And I have the best parents ever!

Remember that where there is a will, there is a way!  Plus, with internet and a printer, you can do homeschool virtually free with all of the great stuff that other homeschool parents have posted and made available!

If you're thinking about homeschooling, my first piece of advice would be to pray!  Tell God what your desires are and ask him to permission it!  He knows the desires of your heart and loves to express His love!

Also, start seeking out Facebook or Google groups for single-homeschooling parents.  They have found creative ways that don't involve sifting through "work-at-home" programs trying to find the one that isn't a scam.

So to answer the big question...Can Single-Parents Homeschool?  Can they find ways to homeschool and support their families?


Tomorrow I'll talk about where to start, once you've decided that homeschool is best for your family!

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