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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Can a Single-Parent Homeschool? Part 1


I know everyone has a different set of circumstances, but I want you to know that it IS possible.

For instance, imagine a seventeen year old girl who is the top of her class.  Has a loaded schedule every semester with advanced classes and has an extracurricular-schedule that would swim the head of most adults.

She is active in not only educational activities and organizations, but is a youth leader in her childhood church.    People rave about her maturity and intelligence.  Parents admit that they have asked their children why they can't meet the bar set by her.  She jumps from pedestal to pedestal, shined on with favor, and floats on the encouragement and amazement of others.

Sophomore year, she is infatuated with the new kid at school.  So many things in common, yet so many differences.  A source of fun and new experiences.  Months later, for many-a-reason, she calculatedly (is that word?) decides to hand over her most precious gift.

Immediately, regret and guilt removed the rose-colored glasses and changes were made.  Finally, her rouge train finally found comfort back on her fast-track to success and favor.

Six weeks later, her train is derailed.  The questions are asked and she faces the music of that fateful decision.  The mingling of these two lives for a single experience are now endowed with one of the greatest responsibilities life will ever give you---a child.

At seventeen, I gave birth to an amazing little girl, yet I determined to give my child the best.  Ten years later, we are chugging along on the peculiar, yet amazing path!

There have been many tunnels that seemed far too long, many unplanned detours, and many rays of sunshine.

Currently, I am a single-mom who homeschools her tween daughter.  How do I do it?

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