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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Our DIY Student Planner!

I finally got it done!  I originally wanted to do my own, but after some frustrating attempts, I ended up purchasing a planner on sale.  However, I did want to go ahead and personalize one for my child.

Some of the pages are gracious freebies from other and some are mine!  I was a little disadvantaged.  My laptop is on its deathbed, so I've been sharing with Rosalinda.  Her laptop doesn't have my beloved Publisher.  Also, I didn't realize that I was almost out of yellow ink, and I have one of those Epson printers that requires all the colors to operate, so I kept everything black and white.  But a had a bunch of colored paper and coordinated months with that.  Also, I figured in the near future I could purchase some craft tape and let her "washi" it up! :)

1: Cover: It is a piece of scrapbook paper that I let her pick out and cut to size.  After I trimmed it, I ran it through the printer and added her name and year.

2. Academic Calender: It is downloaded and printed from The Flander's Family

3. Monthly Overview: It was downloaded and printed from The Home School Mom

 (I would've preferred to make my own, but without my beloved Microsoft, I was ecstatic she shared these!)

4. Student Monthly Progress Report: It was downloaded and printed from Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plus

 Last year I had an "Effort Rubric" posted to help Rosalinda evaluate how much effort she was giving in everything she did.  I plan on using this to help reinforce those principles I was teaching her

5.Goal Sheet: I downloaded and printed it from About.com

6. Weekly Prayer List/Whatever Girl Challenge: I made this one in Google Drive

7. Weekly Planner: I can't find where I originally got this from.  If you recognize it, please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due!

8. Book Report Alternatives: I compiled a list of book report alternatives for us to use to expand her reading  experience.  Our bedtime schedule has 30 minutes of reading built in before lights out to make sure that it makes it into the day.  She will pick one of these activities and complete it when she finishes a book of her choice.

9. Suggested Reading List:  Rosalinda has always been a strong reader, so I grabbed a reading list for the next grade and listed suggestions.  One thing we're going try out this year is reading a chapter out loud together before we jump into our studies.  That way I can get some classics in her without having to assign them.  I'll probably pull from this list as well.  The list originally came from Vestia Hill (usually I don't list PDF's, but since it's a school site, I figured this would be best)

10. Reading Log: It was a gem taken from Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plus.  I love the genre codes!

11. Summer Bucket List: This came from A Lil Lily Blog.  I wanted to transition into summer with some brainstorming!

Back: I just laminated another piece of colored card stock and was done!

I will list up the line up as if you had the book open and were looking at the left and right pages spread out.

Academic Planner -- Monthly Overview for August
Student Monthly Progress Report -- My Goals
Prayer List/Whatever Girls Weekly Challenge -- Weekly Planner (however many weeks for that month)
Doodles & Thoughts -- Monthly Overview for next month (September) AND REPEAT

After the last week of May I have

Doodles & Thoughts -- Book Report Alternatives
Suggested Reading List -- Reading Logs (multiple pages)
(last) Reading Log -- Summer Bucket List 
Back cover

I can't wait to give it to Rosalinda and to let her personalize it!

Do you make your own planner for you or your child(ren)?  Share your diy planner blog post, tips, secrets with us!

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