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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Recouped and Revved! & Our Fifth Grade Routine

Sorry it's been a little while.  I spent a week being sick, a week on vacation, and a week writing out our entire school year plans.

I am too psyched about starting school in two weeks!  I think I've already stated this, but when we decided to homeschool, I thought sticking to the public school scheduled would work best since her father's visitation (as spotty as it may be) was setup around that schedule.  I figured it would create the least amount of confusion and it would prevent me from being accused of making it hard for him to see her.

That said, our school district starts August 26th, so we're gearing up for the same start date! :)

This year I was going to create my own planner, but ended up caving and buying A Simple Plan: 2013-2014 Planner for the Homeschooling Family from Mardels during their teacher sales days.  (Praise Him for not paying full price!)

Review to Come!

After writing out a weekly view, I did our daily view and got a good feel for how to span our work throughout the week.  I've even had some preview talks with Miss Rosalinda and she just might be getting the bug too!

Here is our fifth grade schedule!

Rosalinda will also have Lego Club one Monday a month, American Girl Book Club once a month, and Collecting Commas (Creative Writing Club) every Thursday.

How's your lesson planning going?  Anything new and exciting you're throwing into the mix?

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