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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Week We Scrapped School

Last week was a whirlwind!

Our church was offered a great opportunity to work two lemonade stands at the West Texas Fair and Rodeo.  We weren't earning profit, but working as employees, so we had a large, guaranteed sum!

Unfortunately, there weren't many that could work the morning hours due to regular work, so I signed up to work 1245pm-4pm Monday and Tuesday, 1245pm-1145pm on Wednesday, and 545pm-1145pm on Saturday and poor Rosalinda had to tag along.

With us spending our best school hours doing hard labor (yes, those lemonades come at a great physical cost), I had to suspend my dream of doing it all that week and totally scrapped our school schedule.

Instead, for three days, Rosalinda was given notebook sheets and gathered information from all sorts of people.

Did you know that a cow can produce enough hamburgers for a family of four to last them 6 months?

She was also rewarded with a night of fun, after having to watch others play while she was tethered to the stand I was working.

It was a great reminder of what a blessing it is to be a homeschooler!  Learning happens anywhere and with anyone!

When life happens, how do you keep the ball rolling with your school schedule?

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