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Monday, September 9, 2013

"What About Youth? Will You Go There? Because I've Sent You There Too."

For a couple of week now "More" by Lawrence Flowers and Intercession has been in my spirit.  

My prayers have been consumed with going when He says, "Go."  Committing to living a life that's real and giving Him more because He deserves more!

Sounds great.  Sounds like I'm on track.

Then in the quiet of my prayer I hear, "What about youth?  Will you go there?  Because I've sent you there too."

A few months ago I was asked to help a team revive our youth ministry at my church.  It was openly stated by our pastor that I am not called to the youth like some of those that I am working with.  However, my gifting would still be instrumental in this process.  I accepted the challenge and we started out strong.  However, that was short lived.

Soon we weren't communicating.  Things were being done last minute with minimal effort. And I didn't really care.  The more distance I could put between me and this ministry, the better.


How could I say that I was willing to do any of these things when I was purposely not "going" to places I had already been called?

After some repenting, I'm now on the right track.  I'm playing catch up and trying to bring everyone back together by the leading of the Spirit.  This past Thursday we had a salvation and I think both the youth and coordinators are feeling the shift.

Also, my prayer and thoughts are overrun with ideas for our youth, youth ministry, and leaders.

Now I can be free to exclaim, "Yes, Lord.  I will go where you say go and I will do what you say do."

All I can say is thank God for mercy and grace!

Have you had any convicting revelations rock your world?  What's God been saying to you lately?

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