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Monday, May 13, 2013

Try Number 3?!?!

I don't have any idea how many times I've attempted blogging, but here goes, I think #3 for this particular blog.  Now, in the blogs defense, I haven't advertised to any of the blogs that I follow and solicited anyone to follow.  So no surprise that I'm the single reader. *insert awkward laugh*

So where are we with the amazing Rosalinda today?  We're wrapping up our fourth grade year of homeschooling.  Year 2 of homeschooling for our family.  She's currently reading her final book study for English, we have our last math lesson tomorrow, before her final test and investigation, and we're trying to cram the remainder of science, history, virtue, and art in the newly released time slots.

This month is half over and I still have a ton to do!  We are having a garage sale this weekend to raise funds to go to her dad's wedding.  He lives six hours away and want Miss Rosalinda at the rehearsal dinner and wedding, which creates a need for two nights in a hotel.  I'm also creating a yearbook for her year of school to present at her showcase June 8th.  I'm really excited about the showcase because I always feel bad that she doesn't get to bring her work home and get additional accolades outside of her "classroom" environment.  Now, she'll be able to show our support community of friends and family all the hard work she's done.  We may even have some family make the 1,600 mile trip from Wisconsin!  *fingers crossed*

Hope everyone's May is progressing nicely!

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