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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ideas for Celebrating the First Day of School

I am always on the look out to reaffirm the "nerdy" coolness of being a homeschooler to Miss Rosalinda.  She really doesn't need much encouragement since she's has the public experience and LOVES our homeschool life.

However, I still like celebrating homeschool life and have been in thought about the best way to open our school year.  We follow the public school calendar because her dad and I are not married and it helped prevent any issues concerning visitation.  So she will be starting school August 26th with most of the other children in our community.  This will be her fifth grade year and our third year of homeschooling.

We really only have one tradition at the moment.  Instead of wearing a new outfit the first day, she wears brand new pajamas.  But I want to add to the list of traditions for us.

Here are some that I am seriously considering:

  1. When the bus drives down the block, getting up and getting some ice cream for breakfast
  2. Making our first day a picnic in the park and doing some light assignments on a blanket in the grass and then cutting it short to enjoy some free play...of course there won't be any other children, so I'm not sure if she'd enjoy playing or not.
  3. My girl loves organizing.  I'm currently getting her work station setup, but I could wait to do the final organization the first day of school and let her take some ownership of how we set it up for the year.  [She would normally be involved prior to our first day, so this would really just be a postponement and replacement for work.]
  4. Planning a camping trip to our state park...the only hesitation I have is that I don't know if I could do this every year.
  5. Let her believe that it'll be our first day of school, but then declare it a non-school day and let her start later than everyone else.
  6. Check and see if the city pool will still be open and take her swimming while other kids are sitting inside at their desks.
  7. Try and think of a clever place for us to have our first day [other than the park]...which isn't the easiest.  We've done school at the library, we've done school in a tent in our backyard, we've done school on the porch swing, we've done school just about everywhere in our house.
Homeschooler or not, what are or were the traditions for your child's first day of school?

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