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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Homeschool Extras: Lego Club!

Do you homeschool?  Do you use Currclick?  If not, then you should!

They offer free clubs that we have been thoroughly enjoying for all ages and gender.

I shared our first American Girl Book Club Meeting that we did through Currclick.com.  And today we did our first Lego Club!

How it works
You register through their site (currclick.com) and "purchase" their free clubs.

Then you get access to their class information.
  • The Lego Club has a live online class every 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Monday at 3pm
  • If you miss one of the live classes (there are only 100 slots for live viewing), they are recorded and you can view when it is convenient for you
  • You can purchase a kit each month if you don't have a developed lego inventory.  They range from $17-$32 depending on how large that month's project is.
    • You are in no way required to purchase these kits
  • When you view the class (live or recorded), you are given background information (which this Homeschool Mom L-O-V-E-S!).
    • This month they were scheduled to build a Humvee.  
    • The teacher explained the acronym, gave background information on the Army and had her father, who was retired from the armed forces speak of the more peaceful, constructive missions that the armed forces are commissioned for, like building schools and security infrastructures.
  • There is a live chat, but it is monitored by the teacher and gives the kids a chance to interact and express themselves while simultaneously participating.
  • Following the information, she does a live demonstration, as well as uses picture slides to go through each step.

This month we've spent a lot of our history studies in Rome.  In October, Lego Club is building an aqueduct!  I love when Rosalinda's extras line up with her other lessons.  

I receive it as God's blessing our homeschool endeavors. :)

What extras do you have your munchkin(s) in?  Have you used or are you interested in Currclick Clubs?  Let me know if I can answer any questions for you?

*I have not received any type of reimbursement for my personal endorsement of CurrClick.com, but I do however appreciate their dedication to providing great resources to homeschool parents and students (both free and for a nominal fee).

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