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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Fun...with Modesty

Anyone else have tween or teen daughters that cringe as swimsuit season has arrived?  I have a curvy daughter, that as a tween, is now in adult sizes.  Eeek! 

Our summer tradition usually kicks off with a hunt for the perfect bathing suit.

My rules:

  • no midriff showing
  • no v cuts or extra padding up top (she's 10 ya'll!)
  • needs to cover majority of her back
Rosalinda's rules:
  • must be a two piece 
    • She doesn't want to have to fight her swimsuit should nature calls.  I can totally understand!
  • must be cute
  • no bikini bottoms
    • I'm so down with this rule!  She has said herself, that she might at well be swimming in panties...so she prefers the boy short cut.

As a child, these are easy to do!  Grab a tankini and boy short bottoms from Target and we're on our way!  However, this is Summer 1 of being out of kid sizes. :(  My baby is growing up!

Her dad got the privilege of having to buy her first suit this summer when he came to visit in May and she needed one to enjoy the hotel pool.  According to Rosalinda, it was a comical, yet frustrating shopping trip.  He didn't understand why she couldn't/shouldn't wear a bikini...um...yeah, we haven't had that talk.  Not only is it a Hirst Household Foul, it also isn't want my daughter likes.  So she pressed and pressed to get something other than a bikini and ended up victorious. She got a rasorback top with pink boy short bottoms from the adult section.  However, there seemed to be some confusion about my "no padding" rule and her dad ended up taking out the liner using hair clippers.  God bless his soul; trying to please Miss Rosalinda and my rules!

The only rule this suit didn't satisfy was my child's definition of cute...so we're on the look out for a replacement.  However, she's not missing any water play with this one on hand.

What are your rules?  
When did you start desiring to wear bikinis?  
How do you handle it with your tween and teen daughters?


  1. Since my 11-year-old is so active while at the beach, we prefer boy trunks with a matching swim top. Have you seen those? She also has a one piece with a T back. She prefers those ones and I'm glad!

    1. I love the surf trunks! We don't live near a beach, so they're not as popular here. Every once in a while you can find them, but Rosalinda hasn't ever been that interested in them.

  2. I like the rules, but you're going to need to bend on the no padding rule when she hits puberty. The padding doesn't simply add cleavage; it covers, um, well, the perkiness that happens when a girl hits cold water. Something to think about. :)

    1. I totally agree! As a prepubescent now having to wear adult sizes, I am just mindful of what is necessary and what is "cosmetic." As a "well-endowed" female, I completely understand the need, to a point. Thanks for pointing that out!

  3. In Brazil the parents and kids have no hangups about being comfortable in nothing but bikini bottoms until they are developing on top.